May 26, 2013
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Gaping one.

Apologise for my lateness. I’ve been distracted. You see today the Indian roared and when the Indian roars it is hard not to take notice.

Nothing else to say except it was a day of magnificence.

Gallery open tomorrow (Saturday) from 10.30am. (unless the indian roars again)


Solo session for this guy.

Want one? This one is yours.


May 23, 2013
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Dawn Roller.





5.20am. Quite the rolling thunder this morning. I can hear it from my place and that’s 3km back from the coast. The new swell is coming.

The night sky showed no stars but it should clear today. Time to ditch the laptop and get down there.

8.40am Plenty of drama out there this morning. Still a touch raw but big, thick lines starting to appear. Caught a few of the local youngsters taking to a fairly hefty slab and just playing with it. They breed them tough over here.

Plenty of size coming. It’s looking hectic to say the least.

Click on them to see them bigger.



Nothing like a soul arch barrel to start the day particularly when it's right in front of your mate.

Hectic paddle.

Dawn rocks

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Glide, a new image for the Warrahwillah gallery.

Two years ago I spent a some time staying on land in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. The whole trip was a dedicated photography session.

Interesting thing about staying on land is that you get to watch a break all day, a golden opportunity to see all the varied moods. The boats come and go and whilst they get to search far and wide the land camper gets to study the break.

This particular morning was golden. No boats and for some reason no one paddled out from the camp. That left me swimming solo for about two hours. Just perfect wave after perfect wave. The images captured were amazing.

I’m sure most surfers would love this situation, one of the worlds best waves all to themselves.

FYI this wave starts easy enough but after that it just steam rolls down the reef for 80 metres. So perfect and so much fun.

Here is the page if would like to purchase it or see it larger. GLIDE

The image prints beautifully and is full of deep pastels. The only negative is that once it is on the wall expect to loose hours mind surfing it.

Cape Range National Park. Not in Warrahwillah's firing line....yet

Two weeks ago it was a touch grey, but not now. This is photography time.

If summer is about the gallery and all it’s demands then this period is about the “creative”. It’s time to visualise, shoot, etc etc.

Yesterday was away.

No crowds, great waves, beautiful location and amazing light. I didn’t shoot and I didn’t surf. I just sat there and took it all in. Very inspiring and almost like a rest before the momentum that lies ahead.

There are already plans in place for this season’s creative activity and actually some of it is already captured and is sitting on the computer waiting for post to begin. The additional images are well thought out and I’m keen as to get it started. There will be a small break while I do the tourist thing myself but in about two weeks it’s all systems go.

The hidden “lesson” from yesterday happened as we “jetskied” up a local river. Sheet glass water surface giving the perfect inverted reflection of the amazing forest on the bank. The reflection mirrored the real scene. Very Jimi Hendrix if you know what I mean. Words can’t do it justice.

Back in the car and in the quiet moments of thought on the drive home I started tumbling through the ideal equipment to shoot such a scene. Dream equipment chosen and now the number crunching starts.  Expensive would be an understatement and that’s a big commitment. There is of course the other reality. You can never have everything. Not right now anyway.

Up shot, I’m going to run with what I’ve got. Camera of choice right now Nikon D800 and a fair scattering of their beautiful lenses. This year’s project is the “Crystal Project” and more images from this magnificent iconic coastline.

Not sure about next year. The “Jimi Hendrix river scene” might be a goer then. Maybe, maybe not. This year looks great but lets tick it over one year at a time.

Tony Warrilow

Footnote from yesterday. “It” is out there, you just have to look. The quality of surf we found yesterday was exceptional. And we had it to ourselves. You want it? Get a car, get a weather map and get out there.


A new project has been entered on the “projects”page. It features Warrahwillah’s largest print to date.




April 29, 2013
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Another new image for the gallery. Hard to classify. One thing I know is that it is very polarising in the gallery. Some love, some don’t.

Let me know.

See it larger and purchase it here.


Congratulations go to Alicia and Andrew who were married at Kneedeep last Friday.

The whole affair was beautifully casual, so complimentary to the region.

Great to see old friends too.

Good luck with all future endeavours.


p.s. Click on the images if you would like to see them larger.



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New Image

April 27, 2013
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There’s a small spate of new images about to hit the Warrahwillah gallery. The new images are in my mind consistently better than perhaps some of the originals. I guess that is to be expected with a year or two of experience under the belt.

I thought this one particularly was a great example of exactly that. I’d always liked the original file but was concerned about the simpleness of the content. It is a fairly straight piece of photography. Long lens from the beach, big swell and wind in the dawn light. Easy to overlook.

What pleased me the most was with just very subtle post production the image has come alive and the few people who have seen it, including myself, have absolutely loved it. It was an image that as I watched it come off the printer, in my opinion, looked better than I expected. I aim to do a large print of it as the opportunity arises.

Some points of interest it was captured in WA. It’s a thundering swell and just after dawn. It is a year or so old and I was shooting on my Canon gear back then. I still do every so often.

I hope you love it.

AND if you have read this far I’m going to make you an offer. First person to order this image can have it at half price. This is only for the art prints but I don’t mind what size. If you are in Australia I will pay freight. There is only one half price print and this is a GOOD OFFER. To order it go HERE and enter the code HAZE in the coupon code at the checkout.


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April 24, 2013
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Plenty of “oomph” around here today. Quite solid indeed. Must be the first signs of winter’s approach. With the swell came the relatively cool morning and there has been some rain. The year is ticking by.

Almost at that point where the balance swings and gallery time becomes photography time.  First trip (second actually) was going to happen Monday but my toe and a rock collided running along a track this morning and the doc tells me it’s going to be two weeks.

So this leaves me with a reshuffle. I have at least three trips to do in the winter period and I know from previous experience that this window flies past. So please check the web/facebook to be current with our hours. It is going to be a “plan it as it happens experience”.

Anzac day tomorrow, plenty of crew in town. I’m going to open the gallery throughout the day, probably around 10.30am. Not sure how long it will be open but you will identify me easy enough, I’ll be the one hobbling around.

Hope to see you, if not enjoy the holiday.

Oh yes, next week there will be at least three new images released. I think they look great. Stay tuned.